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Pest Control Sylhet

Are you experiencing pest infestations in your home? We can help you get rid of it.
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What is pest control

The term pest control refers to the measures taken to limit the growth and population of pests, as well as their destruction. It serves the greater good of humanity and does not affect the natural environment.

Services We Provide

bedbug control service


Bedbugs are the most dangerous of all insects. Their toxic bite spreads many diseases. They can be eradicated by our pest control measurements.
cockroach control service

Cockroach Control

Cockroach control sprays are available in our company.
rat control service

Rodent/ Rat Control

Area-based Rodents and Home Base Rats are considered when controlling pests.
termite control service

Termite Control

Termites won't cause any serious disease, but they will ruin your furniture until it is repaired. We offer termite control and repair services.
mosquito control service

Mosquito control

Our mosquito control team visits different areas of sylhet every month to spray mosquito-killing chemicals. Red dots are indicated on the map that indicate areas most affected by pests.
ant control service

Ant control

Both black and red ants can be harmful to your kitchen. If you experience any of these situations, we will send our workers to your home to clean it.
snake control service

Snake Control

The increasing number of trees here makes snakes one of the most common pests in Sylhet . We have separate teams to control snakes, just like we do mosquito control. They will visit forests from time to time in an effort to eliminate snakes.
cleaning service

Cleaning service

You don't have to clean the whole house if your carpets, wooden furniture or vehicle seats are crawling with pests. We can clean the object if you prefer.
disinfection service

Disinfection service

A pest control service cannot be completed without the provision of a disinfection service. The pest-killing chemicals will not leave any trace behind. It helps prevent nymphs from returning.
We serve many industries
Multi-unit apartment
Multi-unit apartment

Our pest examination service

A pest control company must conduct an inspection before they provide any services. This allows for an assessment to determine the extent of the infestation and create plans to end it. It can also help with preventive measures.

About Pest Control Sylhet

Two decades ago, pest control sylhet began as a small organization that supervised minor pests. Our initial goal was to make sylhet pest-free. It is a vast region of wild and forest trees so it took us a long time to reach that goal. We are grateful to all our customers for believing in us and helping us to achieve that goal over the years.

Over the last five years, we've started to operate in other major divisions of the country. Even though the operations are not as extensive as those on sylhet you can still keep an eye out for small infestations.

The service can be divided into two parts. The first is an emergency service, which is available 24*7 and even on holidays. This service is operated by an emergency team to respond at all hours of the day and night. Another service is the scheduled service, which comes with a complimentary assessment.

We also guide other pest-related activities in the city. Some of these are free and others are paid. We present seminars to the citizens about and educate them on the first-line defenses versus pests. They can manage their situation better on their own, even if they don't have the means to pay for our services.

Our services are affordable to people from all walks of society

Why choose our professional pest control service

The race to control the growth and maturation pests has been ongoing for a longer time than other newbies. We believe that the quality of our service is more important than the time spent on it.

We have trained a number of experts in this field over the past 20 years. They have a wealth of experience dealing with pests that is unmatched in this industry. They are now able to distinguish multiple pest species from design treatments.

We have 100% customer satisfaction thanks to our careful service system. We carefully import our chemicals and make sure they are not harmful to humans. There has not been one complaint to the managing department regarding the quality of the chemicals or the negligence of workers.

Our government-approved company and our nationally qualified employees are available to provide the fastest response 24*7 for your benefit.

Why bug control service is important

Sylhet is home to many insect species, including those that are naturally found in forests. These pests can affect both humans and the environment. Pest infestation can cause economic and health problems as well as many other negative effects.

To kill One or two mosquitoes you will need not to hire a professional. Pest control services are here to help you accomplish the impossible swarm of pests. They are trained to remove pests from the house and make sure that there is no trace.

They can also help prevent and control the recurrence of pests. They wear heavy equipment to ensure that pests don't harm them. It also helps to prevent any health problems that may occur, which is difficult to do alone.
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